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BullShip changes your product prices with the click of a button. Offer free shipping with no margin hits.

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BullShip features

Have you ever been curious about free shipping?

Set your margins

With easy onboarding all you have to do is set your target margins with one click

We execute

We'll do the heavy lifting and automatically and instantly update your SKU prices so shipping is always free

You convert

Your customers will click from cart to checkout now that your shipping is always free, and you no longer lose margin!

BullShip benefits

Drive customers to checkout and put an end to cart abandonment with free shipping


BullShip sets your new prices with one-click, you don't need to touch a spreadsheet or a calculator

No lost margin

BullShip helps you set your ideal margins - want to keep them the same, increase, or decrease? The power is in your hands

Easy A/B Testing

Easy one click activation means you turn BullShip on and off instantly, and learn about your customer behavior like never before

Pick your plan

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Automatic price changes on your SKUs
Instant, one-click margin setting
Auto backup of historical order data
For stores with over 500 SKUs
High touch customer support
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